“We’re addressing PGPI’s impact on the world to make us an organization fit for the future. We know that our actions today will collectively make a vital and lasting difference tomorrow.”

Angelica Horst, CEO, PGPI

Our approach to sustainability

In 1983, when we were known as Pacific Rice Products, our founders took the waste product of rice processing – broken rice kernels – and ground it into rice flour for cake mixes and nutritional supplements. Today, decades later, the world has sharpened its focus on maximizing resources to the fullest potential to minimize unnecessary waste, and we're still leading the charge.

Using resources efficiently through byproducts is just one of many ways PGPI looks at how we treat our planet. Our focus on safe, plant-based ingredients as a resource-efficient approach to food has prepared us well for the shift in attitudes as environmentally-based decisions increasingly influence what people buy.

Our sustainability ambitions align with our company values and the three pillars of our parent company, ABF Ingredients. Our comprehensive approach focuses on being responsible towards people, respecting the planet and being the partner of choice for our customers.

Our EcoVadis rating

In 2023, we received the universally recognized and highly regarded EcoVadis GOLD medal at our Evansville site. This puts us in the top 5% amongst similar businesses when assessed on a series of measures related to environment, fair labor, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This achievement reflects the considerable progress we have made in recent years and the report provides direction, highlighting more areas of opportunity which we are committed to improving.


Our people are the core of our business, and their health, safety and wellbeing will always be top priorities. It’s not just direct PGPI employees who we consider to be ‘our people’ – it extends to our partners and suppliers.


To ensure our planet’s future viability and control climate change, we draw on the earth’s resources responsibly, reduce what we emit into the atmosphere, and repurpose or reduce our waste.


We prioritize food safety and quality, allergen-free products for our customers. We use our technical expertise to provide future-ready products that help our customers meet their own sustainability objectives. 

Aligning with the SDGs

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals guide and inform our progress.