As an innovative leader in extruded crisp products PGPI raises the bar when it comes to the variety of applications that are possible across multiple food markets. From rice flour blends for cereals and nutrition bars to ready-to-mix dry beverage ingredients and specialty categories like gluten-free the quality and versatility of PGPI products is unmatched. 

Our categories for product development opportunities cover a wide span of potential food applications including:

Baked Goods

Baked products are one of the most diversified food categories encompassing cakes, crackers, specialty bread, and snacks that require precise ingredients to meet consumer expectations.


The diverse beverage market must appeal to consumers beyond just flavor which is why PGPI’s dry beverage ingredients supported by our exclusive and innovative PAC-GEL® and PAC-STAR® products are superior in the industry.

Breaders & Coatings

Gluten-free diet preferences now include mainstream consumers who are looking for healthier versions of their favorite foods. PGPI’s gluten-free certified breaders & coatings feature the texture and flavor of traditional breadcrumbs but provide the health benefits that consumers expect from products that carry this distinction.

Breakfast Cereals

The competitive breakfast cereals market requires a higher level of quality, versatile ingredients to stand out on the shelves. PGPI’s exclusive and innovative PAC-FRESH® product offers a single-source alternative to chemical ingredients to replace fat and enhance texture. 

Cereal/Energy/Protein/Snack Bars

Our broad portfolio of extruded protein crisps offers versatile options for cereal, energy, protein, and snack bars. PGPI has a wide range of sizes, densities, textures, and surface areas of extruded crisps.  


The confectionery market reaches beyond the mainstream to include consumers looking for specialty items. PGPI’s innovative extruded ingredient products enable a broad range of confectionery items to keep pace with consumer demands.

Frozen Desserts

One of the most popular and competitive food markets is frozen desserts which relies on unique ingredient properties for products to stand above the competition. PGPI’s pioneering glutinous rice flours and PAC-STAR® products enable exceptionally creamy textures and functionality for frozen desserts.

Soups, Sauces & Seasonings

Soups, sauces, seasonings and gravies are the memorable flavor accents to meals and PGPI ingredients are what make those products exceptional.

Plant-based Proteins

Increased consumer attention on environmental sustainability and personal health has created a growing need for plant-based protein products, especially when it comes to familiar products such as burgers or meatballs.