The principal markets served by PGPI include: Bakery and Cereals, Bars, Beverages, Confectionery, Frozen Desserts, Health & Wellness, Soups and Sauces & Gravies. 

The products and services offered by PGP International, Inc. help to provide solutions to food scientists and manufacturers across a broad range of markets. 

Bakery & Cereals

The Baking industry encompasses bars, breads, cakes, crackers, and snacks among others. 

PGP International, Inc. provides a variety of bakery and cereal products including rice flours, rice flour blends, rice meals, specialty flour blends, rice flour mixes, extruded ingredients and our specialty ingredient, PAC-FRESH®.

Our portfolio of baking ingredients also includes gluten-free certified and organic options.


PGP International Inc. offers an assortment of extruded crisps of various sizes, densities and textures for the broad based bar category.

Our selection includes cereal crisps and a range of various fiber and high protein crisps formulated with hexane free pea protein, rice protein, and soy protein for use in breakfast, energy, meal replacement and nutritional bars.


PGP International, Inc. offers superior dry beverage ingredients designed to provide ease of dispersibility for ready-to-mix products. These functional blends provide cold water solubility, fat reduction and viscosity control.  They offer gluten free and hypoallergenic labeling.

The market sector for our beverages is served by PAC-GEL®  and PAC-STAR® .


The confectionery market is primarily serviced with our extruded ingredients including cereals and protein crisps. 

In addition to our extruded items, we offer a variety of specialty Medium Grain and Glutinous (Sweet) rice flour blends for the Japanese confectionery market.

Frozen Desserts

The frozen dessert market encompasses traditional ice creams and other frozen types of desserts that require ingredients to solve issues such as freeze-thaw stability, ice crystal formation and melt properties unique to this category.

In addition to glutinous rice flours, PAC-STAR®  provides remarkable fat-like properties that contribute a smooth, creamy mouth feel and excellent texture to reduced fat-frozen dairy desserts.

Health & Wellness

PGP International, Inc. offers a variety of solutions and services for the Health and Wellness sector.

Our PAC-GEL® product is ideal for formulating nutraceuticals because of its clean label, gluten free and hypoallergenic properties.

Soups, Sauces & Gravies

PGP International, Inc. has developed a unique product for use in soups, sauces and gravies.

PAC-GEL® replaces costly dairy products, reduces fat in finished formulations, improves product texture and performance and strengthens process and storage stability.  This product is used by chefs, culinary experts and product formulators.