Rice Flours

PGP International offers a wide variety of Rice Flours and Rice Meals. Our flours and meals are made from different varieties of rice and are available in a wide range of different particle sizes. Our capabilities range from very coarse particle size to very fine.

We produce a wide range of gluten-free rice flours and rice meals for our domestic and international markets. Our product line also includes organic rice flours and rice meals, which are organic certified through Quality Assurance International (QAI).

Our products are designed for use in applications such as bakery mixes, cereals and energy and nutritional bars. They can be made from different rice varieties and produced in different particle sizes, from very fine to very coarse.

We’re certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organisation (GFCO) and our gluten-free products contain less than or equal to 10 ppm gluten, which is half the stringent FDA standards. Our facility also undergoes strict third party audits to ensure that our processing, sanitation and storage conditions are gluten-free.