Extruded Grain and Protein Crisps

PGP International is an extrusion specialist and offers an assortment of extruded crisp products which are made using soy, pea protein and rice. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of protein crisps and grain crisps for the Cereal, Energy and Nutritional Bar industry, both domestically and internationally.

Active lifestyles and widespread interest in wellness continue to drive consumer demand for energy-boosting protein. Foods that can promise high-quality plant protein stand to enjoy a higher profile in a crowded, competitive functional foods market. From weight management and satiety to improved athletic performance, consumers are making protein a priority.

Our extruded protein crisps can help your consumers meet their protein goals. Our ingredients target specific protein benefits to meet your unique label, nutrition, and application needs. We strive to provide consistency, versatility, and value in everything we do.

Our portfolio of extruded protein crisps are made from a range of high-quality protein sources in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our versatile crisps provide you with:

  • Plant-Protein Fortification
  • Textural Enhancement
  • Simple Label Declarations
  • Clean Flavor Profiles
  • Visual Differentiation & Appeal

Our extruded protein crisps are ideal for use in:

  • Bars
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Clusters
  • Confectionery
  • Protein Snacks

Our highly skilled Research and Development team works closely with our customers to explore and create new, innovative extrusion technologies to enhance and improve their existing formulations.

With over 25 years of extrusion experience, we also have the advanced expertise to modify our products to our customers’ own exacting specifications. We can customise our crisp particulates and snacks by formulation, size, shape, colour, density and texture to help our customers create new and exciting products and expand their own product portfolios.

Soy Protein Crisps

Our soy protein crisps can provide great texture and protein fortification for bars, granola, protein snacks, confection, and cereals. 

Research by the Food and Drug Administration has found that just 6.25 grams of soy protein per serving size in food which is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. This makes our soy protein crisps an ideal ingredient for food that’s used as part of a low saturated fat and reduced cholesterol diet.

Pea Protein Crisps

According to a recent study, pea proteins can stimulate the intestinal secretion of peptides that tell the central nervous system to reduce food intake.

Our pea protein crisps are hexane-free and can be used in the production of bars, cereals, confections, and energy and nutrition foods. 

Rice Protein Crisps

We use our state of the art extrusion technologies to produce a wide range of rice protein crisps to match our customers’ requirements.

Our rice protein crisps are ideal for use in the production of bars, cereals, energy and nutrition foods, granola, snacks, yoghurt and dairy toppings. They are vegetarian, gluten-free, hypoallergenic and easy to digest, so they are the perfect protein alternative for gluten sensitive consumers or people on restricted diets.

Other Grain Crisps

We produce a variety of grain and pulse crisps including ingredients such as rice, oats, corn, quinoa, sorghum, and chickpeas. Ancient grains and pulses are becoming increasingly popular and are well-known for their health and nutritional benefits. Our crisps can be used in the production of both sweet and savoury snacks.