Extruded Grain and Protein Crisps

PGP International is an extrusion specialist and offers an assortment of extruded crisp products which are made using soy, pea protein and rice. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of protein crisps and grain crisps for the Cereal, Energy and Nutritional Bar industry, both domestically and internationally.

PGPl’s innovative Extruded Grain and Protein Crisps rise above industry standards with crisps that add appealing product texture and contain up to 90% protein.

Our soy, pea and rice crisps are made of high-quality protein and formulated in a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows for customization of textures and nutrition requirements for bars, breakfast cereals, clusters, protein snacks and confectionary products. Our Grain and Protein Crisps contain no additives or artificial ingredients and are naturally vegan.

PGPl Extruded Grain and Protein Crisps give you the flexibility to develop products that meet consumer demands with:

  • Plant-based protein fortification - for vegan health food claims
  • Enhanced texture - for differentiation in your product
  • Simple label declarations - no additives or artificial ingredients easy to read label for consumers
  • Clean flavor profiles - can go into virtually any flavored profile product
  • Visual differentiation and appeal - makes your product stand out

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European Clients: PGPI prides itself on customer service. PGPI’s European warehouse and compliance with European regulations enables efficient delivery of high quality ingredients to European clients.

PGPl can customize crisps to meet your specific needs and formulation requirements enabling you to create innovative products and expand your product portfolio with a variety of Extruded Grain and Protein Crisp options.