Pre-gelatinized Rice Flour

PGP International, Inc. has developed a variety of rice based functional ingredients for the food and nutraceutical industry under the PAC® brand. These functional ingredients offer a broad range of preparation capabilities in soups, sauces, beverages, ice cream and bakery. Non-food related applications include cosmetics and capsules.

At PGP International, we produce a wide range of rice based functional ingredients for the food and nutraceutical industry.

Our PAC® branded ingredients have been specially developed for use in bakery, nutraceutical, dairy, condiments and sauces, and beverage applications.

PAC® ingredients are natural alternatives to the chemical additives that are so often used in food preparation. As well as improving the taste and texture of existing and new food products, they also offer the consumer a cleaner, easier to read label.

With the worldwide move towards more natural ingredients, our PAC® products are an attractive alternative for food nutritionists and formulators. Benefits include:

  • No chemical modification
  • Extrusion technology based processing
  • Clean label declaration
  • Unique functionality as dough conditioners, viscosity enhancers, fat mimetics, proofing aids
  • Available organically 

Our PAC® range of pre-gelatinised rice flour products include:

  • PAC-GEL® ­– a water binding agent, thickener, emulsifier and viscosity control agent with good freeze-thaw stability
  • PAC-STAR® – a natural stabilising agent which is designed to improve mouth feel, body, opacity and texture in beverage products
  • PAC-FRESH® – a natural dough conditioner for baked products, with a cleaner flavour than chemical conditioners


Made from rice flour and rice bran, PAC-FRESH® is a natural dough conditioner, fat replacer and texture enhancer, which is ideally suited to specialty breads such as croissants.

As a natural product, PAC-FRESH® is a novel, label friendly, single source alternative that’s been developed to strengthen dough, improve the finished product and make production processes more efficient.


PAC-GEL® is a multifunctional, pre-gelatinised rice ingredient which has been specifically created as a water binding agent, thickener, emulsifier and viscosity control agent with good freeze-thaw stability.

It has a small, even particle size that swells easily and can absorb 4.5-5.5 grams of water per gram of flour. This allows it to mimic fat and generate a smoother, creamier texture than wheat flours, making it ideal for soups, sauces, gravies, instant beverage mixes and baby foods.

PAC-GEL® is available in three granulations and has a proven success rate in dairy based sauces, French breads and frozen breads and doughs.


A partially pre-gelatinized rice flour processed from milled rice, PAC-STAR® has been specially formulated to complement or replace common ingredients in dry and wet beverages that are texture rich.

PAC-STAR® is a natural stabilising agent, bulking agent and viscosity enhancer that improves mouth feel, body and opacity. This makes it ideal for sport, nutritional supplement and Mexican Horchata style beverages, dairy replacement drinks and ice cream.

PAC-STAR® is gluten-free and hypoallergenic, with low hygroscopicity, high solubility and easy dispersibility. It can also be used as a fat replacer in dairy and baked goods.