Gluten Free Coatings and Breaders

PGP International, Inc. offers a variety of gluten free rice food coatings/rice crumbs. These coating systems provide the attributes typically found in gluten containing bread crumbs.

Gluten-free diets have become more mainstream and consumers are looking for alternative versions of their favorite foods. PGPI’s gluten-free certified breaders & coatings feature the texture and flavor of traditional breadcrumbs but provide the health benefits that consumers expect from products that carry this distinction.

Available in Kosher, certified gluten-free, certified organic and non-GMO our options from coarse to fine granulations makes our gluten-free breaders & coatings suitable for a variety of applications including:

  • Crumb coating for fried foods
  • Texture modifier and release agent for pizza dough
  • Binder and moisture retainer for meatballs, meatloaf and stuffing
  • Bulking and anti-caking for shredded cheese blends

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PGPI gluten-free rice and organic rice breaders & coatings are the result of exclusive R&D combining art and science to deliver the look, taste, mouthfeel and browning properties of traditional breadcrumbs but with the clean flavor profile and nutritional guarantee required for products carrying the GF declaration.

Our top Gluten-free Breaders & Coatings:

Offered in fine, medium or panko style granulations.

  • White rice breading
  • Organic rice breading