Breakfast Cereals

The competitive breakfast cereals market requires a higher level of quality, versatile ingredients to stand out on the shelves. PGPI’s exclusive and innovative PAC-FRESH® product offers a single-source alternative to chemical ingredients to replace fat and enhance texture.

Our portfolio of rice flours, rice meals, rice flour blends and mixes, specialty flour blends, and extruded ingredients are what make the difference for products that require a distinctive texture, appealing mouthfeel, and quality protein. Our ingredients allow for gluten-free certified and organic labeling.


  • Pea protein crisps
  • Soy protein crisps
  • Rice crisps
  • Other protein crisps


  • Crispy/crunchy texture
  • High protein content
  • Clean label with simple ingredients
  • Appealing mouthfeel
  • Blends well with other ingredients


  • Hot cereals
  • Cold cereals
  • Children’s cereals

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