PGP International partners with Brightseed to produce new Bio Hemp Fiber Crisps


7 in 10 consumers regularly seek out food and drinks to help improve their digestive health1 and 75% of them consider fiber to be an effective gut health ingredient2. 

That is why PGP International (PGPI) has partnered with AI-powered bioactives company, Brightseed, to develop their new Bio Hemp Fiber Crisp. This extruded crisp product is formulated with a blend of PGPI’s high-quality rice flour and Brightseed’s Bio Gut Fiber. Featuring two bioactives for gut health, Bio Gut Fiber is a novel insoluble fiber ingredient made from upcycled hemp hulls. 

Brightseed Bio Gut Fiber is a dietary fiber ingredient containing two bioactive compounds, NCT (N-trans-Caffeoyltyramine) and NFT (N-trans-Feruloyltyramine). These were identified in hemp hulls by Brightseed’s own Forager® AI and preclinical studies have shown that they support gut integrity to help maintain gut barrier function3 

PGPI’s Bio Hemp Fiber Crisps provide a source of these bioactives as well as distinctive crispy or crunchy texture with 20% fiber content. This makes them ideal for applications such as snack bars, granolas, clusters and other functional foods looking to deliver added dietary fiber content and support gut health. 

“As a company that was started by turning the waste product of rice processing into functional and nutritional ingredients, we’re proud to partner with other organizations that share our values,” says Angelica Horst, CEO of PGP International. “With Bio Gut Fiber’s recent Upcycled Certification and Non-GMO Project Verified certification, Bio Hemp Fiber Crisps not only provide nutritional value to product applications, but they also align with consumer desires for more natural and sustainable plant-based ingredients in their snacking choices. Bio Hemp Fiber Crisps are also gluten- and allergen-free to support a clean label nutritional declaration”  

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