Health, Safety and Environment

ABF Ingredients is committed to conducting its business in a manner, which complies with country specific and other relevant local legislation, minimises adverse effects upon the environment and protects the health, safety and welfare of our employees and others affected by our activities.

Global Statement of Intent

ABF Ingredients (ABFI) is a division of Associated British Foods, comprising of a global community of specialty ingredient companies operating under their own identities.

Our goal is to achieve excellence across all aspects of our business operations - that vision and commitment extends to protecting our employees, customers and any other stakeholders who could be impacted by our business’ activities, limiting our environmental footprint and acting consistently as a responsible citizen in the communities we operate.

We consider the effective prevention and management of safety, health, and environment risks to be of equal importance to all other business activities we are engaged in. ABFI will meet its responsibilities as a global employer by:

  1. Providing safety, health and environmental leadership and direction throughout its global business operations in all the ABFI companies.
  2. Ensuring all its companies develop and implement safety, health, and environmental management systems that are communicated to all employees and relevant stakeholders, implemented with discipline and are subject to continual review.
  3. Monitoring safety, health, and environmental performance using both active and reactive indicators and providing support and guidance as necessary.
  4. Ensuring sufficient resources for safety, health and environmental management are allocated throughout the businesses to effectively manage risk.
  5. Supporting all ABFI businesses by the setting of tangible goals as well as individual or collective programs designed to recognize positive performance or efforts.
  6. Ensuring that this global statement of intent is executed upon and kept under continual review.

ABFI expects all its companies to fully co-operate in the implementation of the above and in particular:

  1. Ensure that policies and arrangements are in place for the systematic management of safety, health, and environmental risks, so those risks can be effectively prevented, addressed and controlled.
  2. Ensure that each specific company policies and arrangements take into account the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” model for occupational health, safety and environmental management and, as a minimum, meet the objectives of management systems standards; OHSAS ISO 45001, ILO-OSH 2001 and ISO 14000.
  3. Ensure that all their systems and procedures address: leadership, employee engagement, consultation, communication, training and recognition.
  4. Ensure that organizational arrangements for health, safety and environmental management comply with any national laws, applicable guidance and local culture.

Fabienne Saadane-Oaks
Chief Executive Officer
ABF Ingredients

Human Rights

We believe that responsibility to our people is fundamental to our responsibility as a business. Our commitment to respect human rights is founded in a strong ethos of workplace safety and employee wellbeing, and is supported by our commitment to ensure compliance with the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Our commitment spans our duty to be responsible for our people, be a responsible neighbour and also to be responsible stewards of our environment.Protecting the lives we touch is critically important to us. This means doing everything we can to respect the human rights of all Associated British Foods plc employees and the workers involved in the supply of products and services throughout our global supply chain. As a matter of good practice, we risk assess the impact our business operations may have on the protection and respect of human rights. We ensure a greater focus on operations under the jurisdiction of governments that have a weaker system to protect human rights. As part of our risk assessment, we consider a range of human rights issues.

As part of our commitment to respecting human rights, Associated British Foods plc is working towards having a full policy in place by the end of 2015.

Across the group we have highlighted the following areas of focus to mitigate risk through preventing Associated British Foods plc from causing human rights abuses:

Workplace safety

There is a strong ethos of workplace safety across the group, which is supported by group health and safety policy and practices (which includes audits to verify implementation of policy).

Employee rights

We commit to ensure compliance with the UN Declaration on Human Rights in the management of all our businesses. We have a whistleblowing policy and procedures in place for any issues identified. We also promote a culture of equal opportunities across the business.

Supply chain

We have a comprehensive group wide Supplier Code of Conduct which sets out our expectations of standards and is based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions.


Promoting the empowerment of women is important to all our businesses. We are focusing on women’s empowerment and investing in training and mentoring of women in the value chain, and building partnerships with local organisations as well as having representatives engaged with ABF Women’s Business Forums.

Indigenous and Community Rights

In 2013 we incorporated the following Land Acquisition clause into our Supplier Code of Conduct: ‘We adhere to the principle of free, prior and informed consent of all communities when acquiring land. The rights of communities and traditional peoples to maintain access to land and natural resources will be recognised and respected.’

To mitigate risk through preventing Associated British Foods from contributing to human rights abuses:

Water use and availability

As a group we have committed to building long-term partnerships to address significant water issues at a local level. We continue to develop our measurement of water use, with particular focus on water quality and access in water stressed areas.

Use of commodities

We have focused on palm oil as part of our independent assessment of high-risk commodities and sourcing countries. By addressing the responsible sourcing of many of our key commodities and committing that all businesses will use certified sustainable (RSPO standards) or identity preserved palm oil by 2015, we are committing to protecting human rights in the supply chain.

To remedy any human rights abuse

Where an incident or suspected incident of human rights abuse is brought to our attention (through our own internal systems or third-party communication), Associated British Foods plc is committed to undertaking a comprehensive investigation to identify the root cause. This may involve the co-operation of third-parties (for example NGOs, trade unions and local charities). We will then ensure that the appropriate remediation takes place not only to correct the issue uncovered, but also to mitigate the risk of recurrence, taking into consideration local and national law where such an incident occurs in our supply chain.

Slavery Laws

Corporate Responsibility