PROLIFICA - Texturized Protein

23% of consumers globally report that they are trying to limit their meat intake* in an effort to be healthier and more sustainable. Consumers are therefore increasingly looking to plant-based protein sources as part of a flexitarian diet.

Our new range of texturized pea and soy proteins are a more sustainable and healthier alternative to traditional products. They offer more versatility and creativity in the development of familiar products using plant-based meats which help consumers to be more sustainable or healthier while still enjoying the taste and textures of meat.

Our textured protein is from high quality pea or soy protein and we are currently offering six product variations for protein and size to accommodate more end-product applications, such as:

  • Plant based burgers
  • Plant based meatballs
  • Plant based sausages
  • Plant based ground meat
  • Seasoned meat replacements
  • Meat extensions

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Key features of PROLIFICA

PROLIFICA is unique in that we can offer various combinations of shape, size and protein content. This means that it can be tailored to more product applications.

Feature Benefit
Flexibility in size Use for wider variety of product applications
High protein (65%, 70% or 80%) Concentrated protein to achieve protein goals in finished product
Made with Pea Protein or Soy Protein Vegan friendly solution
Textured protein Mimics texture of meat for more creative options for plant-based meat