Gluten Free Breaders

PGP International, Inc. offers a variety of gluten free rice food coatings/rice crumbs. These coating systems provide the attributes typically found in gluten containing bread crumbs.

Research shows the appeal of gluten-free foods has expanded beyond the gluten-intolerant base and crossed over into the mainstream, with about two-fifths of consumers being driven by reasons other than intolerance or sensitivity to gluten. Many consumers of all types regard a gluten-free diet as more natural, more healthy or otherwise beneficial. Our gluten-free breaders can help your consumers enjoy their favourite foods while maintaining their lifestyle goals. Our breaders provide many of the same attributes as conventional breadcrumbs.

We have a versatile offering of gluten-free breaders to meet your application needs. They are available in a coarse crumb to a fine granulation. Our portfolio of breaders also have different browning properties to help achieve the ideal visual for your foods. Breaders are available in Kosher, GFCO Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Organic.

Our breaders line offers:

  • Simple label declarations
  • Clean flavour profiles
  • Moisture retention
  • Textural enhancement
  • Browning properties

Recommended for use as a:

  • Ingredient for repack for retail customers
  • Crumb coating for baked or fried breaded foods
  • Texture modifier & release agent for pizza dough
  • Binder & moisture retainer for meatballs, meatloaf, and stuffing
  • Bulking & anti-caking for shredded cheese blends
  • Thickener & texture builder in soups and sauces