PGP International to Discontinue Rice Milling Operations at Colusa


PGP International announced on Friday it will cease operations at its Rice Milling Facility in Colusa, CA. The decision to close the Colusa Mill (Riverbend Mill), follows months of review into its long-term prospects as a small, specialty standalone operation and attempts to sustain the business in a volatile market. The mill will cease production on Friday, June 29, 2018 and this will impact 16 employees.

CEO Angelica Horst said the decision to shut down operations at the Colusa site was not undertaken quickly or lightly. “Any decision that directly impacts our people is always difficult. The decision to close the facility in Colusa was only taken after all other options had been fully explored. Our immediate concern is for our employees impacted by the closure. We are immensely grateful for their contribution over the last ten years and are committed to supporting them during this difficult transition period.”

Horst also noted that looking to the future, and in today’s highly dynamic and competitive markets, PGPI will be focused on its key specialty areas so that the company can continue to provide a first-class service to its customers: “We will ensure that those customers who utilize our specialty Sweet Rice continue to receive the usual high-quality product and first-class service.” Horst concluded, “PGP International is growing strongly and, by contracting the milling of our specialty Sweet Rice to a third party, we will be able to focus our resources more effectively in the future.”

Operations at Colusa will wind down over the coming weeks with complete closure planned for the end of August when all open commitments will have been fulfilled. PGPI intends to maintain an active interest in the Sweet Rice sector in the longer-term.