PGP International Announces Non-GMO Project Verification of 23 Rice Products


In observance of October as “Non-GMO Month,” PGP International Inc., an ABF Ingredients company, is proud to announce that several of its products have received Verification by the Non-GMO Project.

This official Non-GMO Project Verified label allows PGPI customers to purchase food ingredients with confidence in avoiding GMOs (genetically modified organisms). More of PGPI’s products are expected to receive verification in coming months.

The PGPI products that have received Non-GMO Project Verified status include 23 types of rice flour and rice meal made from brown rice, white rice, and organic brown rice.  These products were verified on August 24, 2014 and will be re-verified annually.

Nicolas Hanson, CEO of PGP International, says PGPI sought verification due to customer demand: “Many consumers are concerned about the safety of GMOs, and smart manufacturers of energy bars, snack foods, and other products are striving to respond.  PGPI, in turn, is committed to providing healthful, high quality ingredients so that every mouthful satisfies.  Because our ingredients are used in products all over the world, we take seriously our obligation to provide ingredients that can be sold in the 60-plus countries that have banned or restricted the use of GMOs.”

Manufacturers and consumers who want to avoid GMOs can rely on independent verification from the Non-GMO Project.  The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification process. Verified products are demonstrated to have been produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard—that means ongoing testing of all GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections, and an annual audit to ensure producers are meeting the highest possible standards for GMO avoidance. These products join the more than 20,000 products verified by the Non-GMO Project since 2010.

Tom Vogel, PGPI’s Regulatory and Compliance Manager, points out that PGPI has earned other certifications demonstrating adherence to stringent standards:  “In addition to having several products that are Non-GMO Project Verified, many of our products are certified Gluten Free, Organic, or both. Our production facilities are BRC certified, as well as certified Kosher and Halal.”