BRC Certification - Perfect Score!


PGP International in Woodland, CA gets a perfect score on BRC Certification audit

PGP International in Woodland California site has just successfully passed the Version 7 BRC Certification audit with an AA rating which translates as ZERO non-conformances. Maintaining their perfect score in food safety and quality standards will be the toughest problem they face before the audit review in December 2016. Andy Hodson VP of Operations for PGPI says “BRC is the most globally recognised and well received certification standard available. We have previously held earlier versions of the Certification which is upgraded every three years. The audit took place last December and the AA certification and zero non-conformances was an event that the auditor had never experienced in her several years with the BRC!”

The BRC Certificate covers seven comprehensive sections including quality management, process control, site standards, continual improvement and personnel. The new version of the Certificate includes additional elements such as food fraud and allergens ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to safety and quality. The BRC Certification is a marque of confidence for customers looking for the best standard of safety, quality and supply chain management, so the A and AA scores make PGPI the best of the best. The audits were led by PGPI’s Regulatory and Compliance Manager, Tom Vogel who says “I work with internally trained auditors and a team of senior staff. We dive deep into the workings of each section in the standard to make sure that our procedures, policies and documentation is robust. My perspective is that there is always room for improvement. We’ve set the bar high but we always seek to improve.”

Andy Hodson concludes “The nature of safety and quality audits means that the quality and leadership functions facilitate the process but in reality EVERY function is involved, from maintenance and production to logistics. It’s all encompassing. Every employee should be justifiably proud of the results.” The BRC Certification is part of PGPI’s rigorous approach to quality management and safety and represents a culture that produces the highest possible quality product for customers and a high trust working relationship for suppliers and partners.