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Welcome to PGP International, Inc.

At PGP International, Inc. we are dedicated to bringing you high-quality food ingredients used to develop good tasting nutritional food products.  

PGPI specializes in developing extruded particulates, high protein soy crisps, rice flours & blends and gluten-free products.  

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Spotlight: Our products

  • Thumbnail image for Extruded Ingredients
    Extruded Ingredients

    We offer an assortment of extruded crisps and snack products which are made using soy, hexane-free pea protein and rice.

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  • Thumbnail image for Specialty Ingredients
    Specialty Ingredients

    A variety of rice based functional ingredients, pre-gelatinized and hydrolyzed rice flours for the food and nutraceutical industry under the PAC brand.

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  • Thumbnail image for Rice, Flours, and Blends
    Rice, Flours, and Blends

    Specialty Rice Flours and meals. Our product line includes Organic rice flour and rice meals. Sweet Rice, Sweet Rice Flours and Mixes are available for domestic and international use.

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  • Thumbnail image for Nutri Sperse
    Nutri Sperse

    Nutri Sperse is a unique line of specialty lipid based nutritional bases. Designed to be highly dispersible in hot and cold aqueous solutions, providing up to 70% fat from a wide range of source oils.

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Our news

19th Aug, 2013

PGP International announced that it has sold its whey processing plant in Juda, Wisconsin to Grande Cheese Company. Grande is…

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30th May, 2013

US Congressman John Garamendi (3rd District – CA) has issued a commendation of PGP International upon the company’s recognition…

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