Extruder Operator

Woodland, CA

The Extruder Operator is responsible for operating all extrusion equipment in accordance with provided documentation and written procedures. These include setup, operation and clean up of machinery. In addition operators must perform all post quality checks. The objective is to provide the highest quality product with the least amount of waste.


  • Complete set up of all extruders, including setting upscrew configurations cutter box alignments
  • Operation of Evolums, Clextrals and Buhler’s according to published parameters
  • Insure correct and adequate dry batch is available before start ups
  • Prepare Liquid batches per standard manufacturing practices
  • Complete all production paperwork in a timely manner with greater attention to accuracy
  • Minimize changeover times to increase equipment utilization
  • Insure all equipment is handled and operated properly
  • Maintains compliance with company rules within his/her jurisdiction. Comply with all safety policies including lock out – tag out
  • Maintain product specification in accordance with the standards
  • Insure proper package weights, materials and labeling as required
  • Conduct quality checks every 30 min to insure quality specifications are being met
  • Complete all QA documentation as well as extrusion parameter documentation
  • Provide information to blender operators regarding the progress of production, so that product is reduced with minimum overrun and waste
  • Promptly relay information to cell lead and supervisor regarding shift accomplishments, problems or suggestions for improvements
  • Assist in training of new operators
  • Perform preventive maintenance such as checking fluid levels and overall condition of extruders
  • Must follow sanitation procedures when cleaning Extruders
  • Dismantle transitions during shutdowns for sanitation
  • Maintain good housekeeping and safety practices. Perform sanitation and complete cleaning procedures as required by cleaning SOPs
  • Must be able to work overtime on short notice
  • Assist Packaging Lead on disposition of rework
  • Must learn to operate all 6 extruders


  • Touch screen computer, calculations
  • Use of advanced power tools
  • Ability to use a Forklift and Boom Lift
  • Experience with Lock Out Tago Out (LOTO)
  • Confined space entry experience
  • Ability to read and write English
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs and stand for multiple hours at a time
  • Ability to rotate all shifts (Day, Swing & Graveyard) every 4 weeks


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