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Extruded Crisps

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PGP International is an extrusion specialist and offers an assortment of extruded crisp products which are made using soy, hexane-free pea protein and rice. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of protein crisps and grain crisps for the Cereal, Energy and Nutritional Bar industry, both domestically and internationally.

Our highly skilled Research and Development team are continuing to work with customers to explore new extrusion technologies and product innovations to create better ways to improve their existing formulations.

Our extrusion expertise allows us to manufacture crisp particulates and snacks that can meet our customers’ specific product quality requirements. We have the ability to customize our products by modifying the ingredient formulation, size, shape, color, density and texture of the particulates to meet the demands of our customers.

PGPI’s wide product portfolio includes, but is not limited to, breakfast cereals, crisp grain, soy protein and fiber particulates. These are used in major branded chocolate bars, granola bars, health bars, nutritional bars, yogurt and ice cream toppings, snack products and infant cereals of different shapes, sizes and textures.

Our organic crisp grains are certified through Quality Assurance International (Q.A.I).